Yantouch Diamond Bluetooth Speaker

Posted: June 26, 2015
Yantouch Diamond Bluetooth Speaker

I've been looking for a speaker than can bump & grind as well as I do. The Yantouch Diamond, a 3-in-1 alarm, color-changing light, and Bluetooth speaker, raves in up to 16,000,000 LED colors, syncing spectrally with your cuts' tempo and making music you can see.

Yantouch's included remote control dictates both the speaker's music and illumination settings, the latter of which can be programmed to flowing or fixed color schemes, or aligned with Kanye's beat for 3 different kinds of tempo-driven light shows. Additional features:

  • Sunrise and sunset-emulating lighting and music.
  • N-class 2.1 speaker system and patented sideway stereo effect.
  • Bedside reading mode with soft white light.
  • Easy-to-connect Bluetooth capabilities--auto-pairing, auto-linking, no password required, and effective distance of over 30 feet.

You've already got a pillow to gaze at during acid trips. Now it's time to check out the Yantouch Diamond Speaker on nights filled with Fireball and Original Thai Red Bull. Get it for 40% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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