Levimoon - The World's First Levitating Moon Light

Posted: June 06, 2018
Levimoon - The World's First Levitating Moon Light
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In one Shopping Cart, you hold the Levimoon, what creator (or "crater!") Coocepts calls the World's First Levitating Moon Light. In the other, you hold the Moon Ring, a lovely, "special"-looking jewelry box that opens to reveal...a farting bare ass. Yes, sound effects included! It's a tough choice, but you must decide: which moon would make a better gift for your girlfriend?

Pro Tip: A while back I went with the Moon Ring, because it was way less expensive and way more hilarious. My girlfriend didn't agree. Now she has somehow transformed into my wife, and nothing seems so cheap or funny anymore.

In addition to maintaining a celestial floating effect (muchas danke to magnets) the Levimoon illuminates just like the big pizza pie in the sky, revealing a detailed replication of the moon's surface. A touch button on the bottom of the globe changes its light mode from cold white to warm yellow.

The Levimoon's 600mAh Lithium Battery recharges wirelessly, while the sphere sits on its slim walnut wood dock. You can also take the moon off the dock and carry it under the covers with you for portable lighting, or outside to meet its father.

While a little rough on the wallet, the Levimoon's $199.99 price tag still reflects a 30% discount you can score for a limited time through the Dude Exclusives online store.

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