The Moon Ring

Posted: September 19, 2016
The Moon Ring

Did I say the Scary Intruder prop was a good way to find out how hard and fast my girlfriend punches? Well. That's because I hadn't see The Moon Ring yet. I feel like this prank's tagline should be: "Give her The Moon and she'll show you the stars."

I also feel like the ring--which is really a ring box with a mooning, farting ass inside--has been very underrepresented in its video. The initial, acted bit with Moon Ring founder Eddie Moffett giving the box to his girlfriend on a picnic gets something along the lines of the response I'd expect from a woman receiving it. But the following, real-life videos of dudes psyching out their ladies with The Moon show some unnaturally easygoing ladies with strangely good senses of humor. Ladies the likes of which I have never met, and have a hard time believing really exist.

Whether you know one of these mythical ladies or not, The Moon Ring is available to you and your devious plans for Q4 2016, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Or get a jump start on 2017 with a Moon to Ring in New Year's or Valentine's Day.

Note: While The Moon Ring includes authentic sound effects, it, unfortunately, comes with no smell effects. If scent-based gags are your bag, check out these sneaky WTF Candles.

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