Kangaroo Flexible Light

Posted: January 08, 2016
Kangaroo Light

I can think of a lot of things to name a hexagonal light that bends and folds like a partially deflated pool float and looks like one of the puckered dining room chair cushions my grandma used to have. "Kangaroo" isn't one of them. But I guess, despite their own name, Studio Banana Things is just partial to naming their products after animals. They also make the Ostrich Pillow and Batband. So here we have the Kangaroo Light. Lay it flat on any surface to illuminate your space, serve as your beacon in the night, or set the mood. Then fold it up and stuff it in your bag when you're ready to Kangaroo it somewhere else.

The Kangaroo Light optionally connects to Android and iOS phones/tablets, from where you can adjust the brightness of its 24 LEDs. It is made of a silicon rubber composite and recharges via Micro USB. Dimensions are 7.7" long x 6.7" wide x 0.5" high.

For a limited time the Kangaroo Light is available at a 15% discount from Dude Exclusives.

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