Ostrich Pillow

Posted: September 21, 2012
Ostrich Pillow
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If looking like a complete schmo in an Ostrich Pillow means that I can sleep through transcontinental flights and my boss' stories about his Junior Samba Champion grandson, then bring on the gawks and guffaws. I won't see them anyway, nestled all cozily within the dark confines of my uniquely designed micro-environment.

Ostrich Pillow creators Kawamura-Ganjavian devised the power nap pal as a means for the fatigued to gain some privacy along with their shuteye whilst in public. As is abundantly clear from the photos, the pillow's soft interior fully encompasses its wearer's head, leaving only an opening for oxygen acquisition through the mouth and nose, as well as provides holes for weary arms and chilly hands to slide in and share in the respite. Sitting up, lying down, standing in the corner at heinously boring parties, the Ostrich Pillow can be worn with ease and guaranteed relaxation just about anywhere, though maybe not while driving.

Further information and Ostrich Pillow backstory can be found on the travel/work/study companion's Kickstarter page and the Studio Banana Website. Its Kickstarter page also has a complete listing of answers to frequently asked questions, the best of which is, "What is the maximum size head that can fit?" Kawamura-Ganjavian responds with a perimeter of up to 28", or for you visual learners out there, anything smaller than the bulbous protrusion sitting atop the neck of Giada DiLaurentiis.

The Ostrich Pillow project runs on Kickstarter through October 18, 2012, and has a funding goal of $70,000. $75 pledgers will receive a single pillow, with higher pledges returning up to a 10-strong flock of Ostriches ($620).

February 2013 Update: Pursuant to successful Kickstarter funding, the Ostrich Pillow has gone into production, and is now available for purchase through Amazon.

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