Genetic Portraits

By: on August 26, 2011
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Some evil genius has taken portraits of siblings and fused them together into one person. The result? Creepy, often androgynous portraits of people I'll surely be seeing in my nightmares tonight.

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True Mirror - How Others See You

$200 from Amazon »

The True Mirror idea is simple (and old; it was first patented in 1887): place two mirrors at right angles and have a look-see. Its effect, though, elicits the complexities of realization spanning everything from Whoa!...

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AncestryDNA - DNA Ancestry Test Kit

$99 from Amazon »

AncestryDNA, where did I come from? Well kids, it's a lot more complicated than the stork, and it's a lot more complex than the birds and the bees. The AncestryDNA genetic testing kit helps curious boys and girls discover...

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Mesmerizing Animated GIF Portrait

I don't know how they did this or where you can have one of your own done, but it's pretty darn sweet. Something about it makes me want to stare at it longer than I should. I'm obsessed with its awesomeness. Is it just...

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Victorian Star Wars Portraits

$499 from Kult »

The Star Wars boys give a pretty decent representation of Victorian times, huh? Jabba the Hutt almost looks dapper. Or at least less like the massive wart my friend Cornelius grew on the inside of his arm when he went...

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Dapper Celebrity Soldier Prints

$24.95 - $55.95 from Society 6 »

Obviously the only one of these celebrities who really sat for his French Republican Guard...or whatever...portrait in the 19th century is Chuck Norris because he's immortal and easily over 200 years old. The rest are...

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Cartoon Portrait of You

$5 - $95 from Fiverr »

For as little as $5, Uruguayan artist Eliana Fernandez will send you a glimpse of yourself inside some of TV's most popular animated series. Kick off the return of The Simpsons and Family Guy, or bid farewell to Futurama...

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Nobilified - Old World Portraits of You

$99.95 - $229.95 from Nobilified »

Now you too can enjoy the spoils of fame and have your face dropped onto an old world portrait of a king, queen, emperor, clergyman, knight, solider, or naked lady. Like the series of celebrity solider prints we showed...

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DNA Wedding Rings

Do you love one another enough to entwine double helixes forever? All of LA-based jeweler Takayas' rings and necklaces seem to have some ornate, whimsical, and unabashedly geeky flourish topping what are otherwise dazzling...

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DNA Portraits

$199 from DNA 11 »

If you're a Double Helix Fan Club member, but can't make it to Japan to clone your face, and find the prospect of being mug-melded with your sister a little disturbing, check out this subtler artistic representation of...

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Custom Zombie Portraits

$125 - $200 from Etsy »

Wonder what you'd look like as a zombie, but not quite enough to find one to turn you? Irish artist Roisin McAuley can satisfy your morbid curiosity without the common side effects of undeadness, brain deadness, and perpetual...

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Impossible Instant Photo Lab

$299 from Impossible »

The Impossible Instant Lab is an expandable photo processor that can intake any digital image from an iPhone or iPod Touch and output a Polaroid-style analog photo in seconds. Used in combination with a free Impossible...