Watercolor Brush Pens

Posted: December 28, 2018
Watercolor Brush Pens
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I'm not sure combining a paintbrush and a pen, 2 instruments I'm not very skilled at using, is going to enable me to produce dashing pieces of watercolor art, but at least Genuine Crafts' Watercolor Brush Pen Set will help me paint-draw my typical crapsterpieces without making a giant mess. The watercolor ink pen set should do the same for you, and your prone-to-paint-slinging kids too.

Each member of the 100-strong Watercolor Brush Pen Set is pre-filled with non-toxic watercolor ink Genuine Crafts says they have perfected to be as tidy and leak-proof as they are vibrant and blendable. Inevitably, you'll end up getting blotches of Neon Salmon and Malachite blue on your arms and face and pants, but the watercolor paints are made to come out in the wash.

Made for both novice and experienced artists, the Watercolor Brush Pen Set eliminates paint setup and cleanup time, along with additional supplies, such as painter pallets, tubes, brushes, and water basins. To begin painting, kids, just un-click a pen cap, and find a wall in Mommy's house that looks a little too bare.

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