Teslasuit - Full-Body Haptic Suit

By: on January 06, 2016
$1,100 - $3,665
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No, the Teslasuit is not for racing your Tesla. Or, more realistically, the Teslasuit is not a 3-piece Armani with embroidered logos and a gold-threaded pocket square to wear while cruising your Model S around the suburbs. Sadly, the Teslasuit also is not an Iron Man-esque piece of armor that will instantly imbue its wearer with the brains, ambition, and showmanship of Nikola Tesla. But it still registers a solid 7, maybe 8, on the I Want That scale. The Teslasuit is a full-body haptic suit that pairs with VR headsets and other devices to allow gamers to touch, to feel, to get even more real with what they're playing. Virtual environments won't be just visually and acoustically immersive and 3-dimensional, but tactilely interactive as well.

The Teslasuit, which consists of a control belt, zip-up jacket and wetsuit-looking trousers, has an intricate, 30- or 52-channel electro-tactile haptic feedback system built into it that enables wearers to touch and feel objects they encounter in virtual worlds. (Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Me too. Boobs.) The T-belt serves as the suit's wireless connection point to VR headsets, including the Oculus, Google Glass, META Space Glasses, and PlaystationVR, plus game consoles, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The jacket and pants, available as the Teslasuit Pioneer Full Body Suit or the Teslasuit Prodigy Full Body Suit, stimulate the body and generate the same electric pulses when interaction occurs in the virtual world that the act of touching a real object does in real life. The pulses are then transmitted to the brain, where "feeling" occurs. By using tech to elicit the biological processes that take place when we have tactile interaction with an object, Teslasuit says our brains will interpret the sensation and have a physical response whether the object is there or not.

In other words, you'll be able to experience heat or cold, a hug or a bullet, without actually encountering them. Teslasuit believes this is good news for: gaming; virtual dating; sports & fitness; education; psychology; and real-life training simulations.

The Teslasuit Pioneer has a 30-channel Haptic Feedback System, and comes bundled with Software Pack and SDK for developers. The Teslasuit Prodigy has a 52-channel Haptic Feedback, plus a Climate Control System. It also has the Software Pack and SDK for developers. Those interested can back the project on Kickstarter through February 3, 2016.

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