Stinky Gaming Footboard

Posted: April 06, 2013
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As the MYO and LEAP eliminate computer mice and keyboards for the hands, SteLuLu Technologies introduces a new gaming apparatus for the feet. Used in tandem with finger controllers, the Stinky Footboard adds one more dimension--the stomping dimension--to video game play. It aims to improve controller functionality and performance, plus increase actions per minute (APM). Probably it will condition people to inadvertently do unsafe things with their gas pedals and brakes as well.

The Stinky Footboard includes four programmable buttons, adjustable tension boxes (TBOX) and a cross-like shape that accommodates forward and backward movement, as well as use with either one foot or two. SteLuLu promises that "it's not simply about adding more buttons to click. It's about evolving the way you play - giving you that crucial split second advantage against players still using just a mouse and keyboard."

Compatible with any game that supports keyboard inputs, Stinky hardware requires no proprietary drivers. Configuration software currently supports the Windows Platform. To use, plug in the USB cable to your computer, launch the software, and get to work mapping keyboard inputs to the Stinky Footboard.

Stinky Footboard functionality breaks down as follows:

  • TBOX. Four user-adjustable tension boxes control stiffness and responsiveness. They can be tuned to suit any foot size or strength.
  • R2N. Return to Neutral technology, which allows the foot to rest on the board while maintaining access to each of the board's four buttons for easy triggering.
  • C-POINT. A Centre Point design enables multi-button activation without lifting or hovering your foot over the buttons. Just tilt it forward/back, or roll it from side-to-side to activate the buttons.

The quest to Stinky up the world of PC gaming plays out on Kickstarter through May 2, 2013.

November 2013 Update: The Stinky Footboard exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through the company's website--follow the link below.

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