Plotagon - Make Your Own Instant Movie

Posted: September 03, 2013

You know the millions and millions of words of fanfic piled up across the Internet? Thanks to Plotagon, they're about to be joined by millions and millions of seconds of fanflick. Not that I'm complaining. I like a good alternate ending to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode as much as the next guy. And now that I know I can have live, animated action to go with it? You people better get typing. And casting and dialogue tweaking and emoting.

In two steps--write your film and watch your film--Plotagon gives all writer/director hopefuls, plus general cinema enthusiasts and people who want to make 3D animations talk dirty to one another, the opportunity to turn the visions in our heads into visions before our eyes. Visions that materialize instantly for sharing with family, friends, followers, and any Hollywood producer who promises to watch if you promise not to break into his house and hide in his bathtub until he goes in to take a leak to get a moment alone with him again.

Beginning with the writing process, Plotagon gives filmmakers the option of using a standard Hollywood manuscript format, or a simpler template that requires no prior knowledge of screenwriting, to pen and record their www.blockbusters. Before starting writers select a setting and characters, and can then make refinements on their choices, as well as character actions, sound effects, music, pacing, and delivery throughout the process with Plotagon's continuous feed preview options. When a film is finished, view it in full just by pressing Play.

Plotagon is currently in beta stage, but is available for purchase and use on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The introductory price will include all beta updates and all 1.X releases.

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