Mass Effect 3 N7 Eagle Pistol Replica

Posted: June 05, 2012
Mass Effect 3 N7 Eagle Pistol Replica

We've seen the corporate take on Mass Effect 3 weaponry, so now we're checking out an independent artist's interpretation. Prop fanatic and custom fabricator Neil Taylor abides by the tagline, "If you can draw it, I can make it." During a recent expedition into the cache of Systems Alliance, Taylor latched on to the N7 Eagle, the Offensive Handgun Project's Phalanx pistol redesign. Using an old Nerf dart gun as his foundation, he began the transformation from virtual to actual, retaining the real-life version's ability to fire (darts, that is).

The Eagle heavy pistol replica has an under-layer of wood, which has been completely covered in riveted aluminum sheeting, and painted to look as though it has unwrenched itself from the claws of Satan himself. It will still fire standard Nerf darts, but Taylor recommends upgrading to streamline ammo for 96+ feet of trajectory, and includes 3 streamline darts in the order.

Taylor is also responsible for bringing the gnarly and nightmarish Predator Mask to life.

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