GameShell - Open Source Portable Game Console

Posted: July 05, 2019
GameShell - Open Source Portable Game Console

It might look familiar but the GameShell is a portable game console with characteristics unlike any other. The open source portable gaming system is a modular console embedded with a GNU/LINUX OS. Programmers can use it to create or modify pre-existing games with Preset C, Python, Lua, JS, and LISP, and all gamers can use GameShell to play retro games from systems including Atari, GB, GBA, Nintendo, MAME, MD, and PS1.

GameShell's ClockworkPi development board also allows for building DIY wireless speakers, programming a custom remote, or making smart toys that interact with LEGO blocks. To play your games on a bigger screen, connect the GameShell via its micro HDMI port.

GameShell comes with 5+1 modules: ClockworkPi main board v3.1; Arduino compatible Keyboard; 2-channel stereo speaker; 2.7-inch RGB@60fps Screen; 1200 mAh rechargeable battery; and 5 independent IO extended keys.

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