SpyHawk FPV Plane

By: on August 15, 2012
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Normally, I don't like the idea of a Big Brother entity invading citizens' privacy and monitoring their every move. But I can go for it on occasion. Like on the occasion that Big Brother is me. Like on the occasion that I get my hands on a SpyHawk FPV. The first person view, 3-channel mini glider soars over private homes and public gatherings, snooping on crushes, nemeses, the popo, and creepy dudes the neighborhood is pretty sure are up to no good, and sending back recon via a 5 megapixel live video feed that streams across a 3.5" LCD screen on the pilot's remote control.

OK, I guess less devious RC fans can also just use the SpyHawk to joyride and check out panoramic scenery and record sunsets and shit from high in the air.

According to SpyHawk's manufacturer, this particular first-person-flying RC endeavor trumps others because it is (relatively speaking) less costly, complex, and time consuming to assemble and use. Pre-flight prep consists merely of gluing on the tail pieces and charging the plane's 7.4v lithium-ion battery for around 40 minutes. Once in the air, flight time runs approximately 15 minutes, with a range of up to 400m for live feed viewing, and 600m for video recording. EPO crash-resistant foam comprises SpyHawk's body, and a video system, 4GB SD card, and gyro make up its innards. The built-in gyro kicks into action with the autopilot function, keeping the plane level through gusts of wind and physical altercations with cantankerous bald eagles.

Intelligent automatic control and video signal binding provisions allow for multiple SpyHawks to glide through the same air space, so races and espionage missions with friends are possible in full, high-quality video and sound. Wing span measures 33" and overall length is 24".

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007 Motorized License Plate Masks

$79 - $199.95 from TryDeal »

When and where you use your 007s to play 007 is up to you, but, yes, the motorized license plate masks hide your vehicle's digits at the press of a button and, no, it's probably not a good idea to activate them every...

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Luxury Mile High Club Experience

$7,750 from Wish.co.uk »

Don't just simulate them in a Jet Bed, realize your aero-fantasies with the Luxury Mile High Club Experience. Wish.co.uk, peddlers of myriad activities intended to prevent life and its inhabitants from becoming boring...

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ZERO Helicopter

Holy hovering vehicle of flight! It's the ZERO concept helicopter from Spanish helicopter thinker upper Hector del Amo. How does it work? How fast can it go? How far can it go? Is it safe? Who the hell knows?! Apparently...

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Reverse Peephole Viewer

$33.42 from Amazon »

Now here's something that should be illegal, but is instead available with free shipping on Amazon. The reverse peephole viewer, used appropriately by law enforcement personnel and inappropriately by 99% of all others...

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The Killer Key

$12 from Amazon »

The Killer Key is for law enforcement officials, landlords with squatters or evicted tenants, and pranksters who thrive on taking things one step too far. See, the key blade inserts into any Kwikset or Schlage brand lock...

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Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition

$169.99 from Amazon »

Anki OVERDRIVE goes Fast & Furious with its Toretto-tinted edition, set to start shipping later this month. If you're not familiar with the Anki gaming family, meet virtual REAL-ality. A simple car racing game in fundamental...

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The Bond Next Door: Top 11 Tools for the Everyday Spy

RC surveillance mosquitos and robotic hummingbirds as security cameras may not be perfect tech yet, but they're on the rise and constantly improving, with some available to commercial markets for testing. And even looking...

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FlyNano Single-Seat Seaplane

$48k from FlyNano »

Wetsuit recommended, pilot's license optional*. FlyNano Proto, an electric, single-seat amalgam of a seabird and a seaplane, took its maiden voyages in Summer 2012. Now the Finnish company is working to develop its first...

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Shomer-Tec Laser Surveillance Defeater

$58.38 from Amazon »

All some people (i.e., my girlfriend) want is for people to listen to them. All other people want is for people to stop listening to them. For the first group I can try to extend my attention span to at least 7 minutes...

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Jet Beds

Oh boy. The magic of the sky meets the magic of where the magic happens. MotoArt, a group of daring-with-a-touch-of-devious mile-high artists, recycles old jet parts into exclusive, flashy pieces of furniture and home...

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Fitzke Bootlegger Paddleboard

By: Fitzke »

Fitzke begins its foray into paddleboard builds with a nod to airplanes and illicit booze. The Bootlegger SUP is designed after prohibition-era airplanes and wood boats from the 20s....

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Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

The Mercier-Jones' Hovercraft can achieve a lift of 8 inches. Wait, don't stop reading! I know that's not an epic flying car, or even Hoverbike, altitude, but consider this: would Big Brother really allow a private company...