RC Toyota Land Cruiser

Posted: December 27, 2015
RC Toyota Land Cruiser
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"I wanted the challenging build and I have it. This is a kit and it is not for the impatient." Still want Tamiya's RC Toyota Land Cruiser? "I am an experienced builder and usually it takes about 5 hours to build a RC car kit, but this one took me more like 12-14 hours...." How about now?

Reviews are in, and they are generally very favorable, but as mecha fans will find with the Zoids Highend Master Model Kits, RC car enthusiasts will enjoy (or curse) a demanding payoff with the Tamiya Toyota Land Cruiser. The crawler has a true-to-scale Land Cruiser 40 body made from polycarbonate and set on a CR-01 chassis. 125mm Rock Crawler tires over 3-piece beadlock wheels, plus a 4-ling suspension help handle hairy maneuvers over rugged terrain.

Note that this CR-01 Crawler kit does not include the Tamiya battery pack, transmitter, receiver, electronic speed controller, steering servo, charger, or paint. All are sold separately.

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