Makeblock Codeybot

Posted: November 17, 2016
Makeblock Codeybot
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Codeybot brings some STEM education to kids whose eyes and fingers crave tablets and touch screens. The rolling robot will be their interactive buddy, their entertainer, or their solider in battle...as long as they program him with the code he needs to carry out the functions.

Codeybot teaches basic programming skills through the drag-and-drop graphical software mBlockly, a system based on Google Blockly. Using it, budding programmers will snap building blocks together to write code in a simple, intuitive way. The experience is intended to stimulate the youngest generation's interest in the programming field, and set them up with a solid foundation of knowledge should they choose to pursue it.

That said, Codeybot is still a toy at heart, and creator Makeblock hopes his primary purpose service will be a fun one. The robot is self-balancing with customizable elements including his LED face, voice, movement control, dance moves, and side lights. Most of Codeybot's functions are accessible via voice control, with commands such as, "Change color" and "Go forward."

An LED laser add-on (sold separately) enables Codeybot to enter Battle Mode and shoot lasers in face offs with other Codeybots, or human opponents.

Codeybot is compatible with iPhone 5 and up, iPad 3 and up, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and select Android devices.

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