John Deere LionChief Steam Train Set

Posted: December 05, 2016
John Deere LionChief Steam Train Set
$314.21 - $336.96
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How would your kids feel if instead of another dumb first person shooter game you gave them a captivating and robust second person driver game for the holidays this year? Ungrateful and sulky? OK then, guess you'll just have to get the John Deere LionChief Steam Train Set for yourself.

With over a century of experience building toy trains to its name, I'm pretty sure I can believe maker Lionel when they say the John Deere LionChief Steam Set will add "the embodiment of hard-work, dedication, perseverance and resilience" to train hobbyist and enthusiast collections. And if you're a big fan of John Deere then, hey, this 5-car electric choo-choo will look way better under the tree than a trucker hat.

An 0-8-0 electric locomotive with operating headlight and puffing smoke quarterbacks the LionChief Steam Set. Also included are a flatcar with 2 die-cast tractors, a gondola, and a caboose. The train track consists of 8 x curved 036 FasTrack pieces, 2 x 10" FasTrack straight sections, 1 x 10" straight FasTrack Plug-Expand-Play power lock-on section, and a FasTrack terminal section. New to the set is the addition of a 54W wall pack power supply. Lionel also throws in an engineer and fireman figures.

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