DJI Spark Gesture-Controlled Mini Drone

Posted: June 20, 2017
DJI Spark Gesture-Controlled Mini Drone
$499 - $699
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Try to give the Spark gesture-controlled mini drone a high five and DJI's latest and smallest will take off, leaving you hanging and dejected. And then as you lower your hand, or try to move your fingers all pretending you weren't seeking the five to begin with, Spark's camera will snap your photo from above, recording your rejection by a drone, and sharing it instantly with all of your social media followers and friends.

Nah, Spark isn't that mean. It won't share photos without your consent. But the drone is gesture-responsive, and DJI says all you need is two hands for its basic operation. The first, palm up, will serve as Spark's launch pad, while the second can control its height and positioning for aerial photos without a remote controller or mobile device.

Spark has Quick Launch with Face Aware technology, so within a few seconds of turning it on, it will recognize its owner and take off from your palm, hovering in place until you give it further direction. Control up-down motion with your hand, or use your mobile phone for additional control over positioning, and QuickShots videos.

DJI says QuickShots enable "amazing footage with cinematic composition" with a tap. Four settings, Rocket, Dronie, Circle, and Helix, specify various types of recording, from straight ascension with the camera pointing down, to upward flight with the drone spiraling around its subject.

Spark drones come either in a base package or Fly More set. The latter includes a DJI remote controller (as an alternative to hand gestures and your mobile device), extra battery, propeller guards, charger (instead of USB charging), power cable, battery charging hub (instead of charging directly on drone), and shoulder bag.

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