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Rover Land & Sea Amphibious RC Car

$129.99 from Amazon »

An Rover Land & Sea App-Controlled Amphibious Vehicle is a sneaky gift for a kid. Sneaky in that the kid will love being able to use the new toy as easily in a lake or swimming pool as in the living room or backyard...

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Remote Control Cockroach

$8.99 from Amazon »

Just in case you don't have enough real cockroaches in your life, here's a battery-operated one to crawl through your kitchen and over your forehead while you sleep. At least this roach is of the RC persuasion. You'll...

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M8 Cube Cage Mini Drone with HD Camera

$41.99 from Amazon »

Clumsy people who dream of drone ownership, the M8 mini drone is here to make your dreams come true. Not only is this little quadcopter small, nimble, and light enough to throw in a bag for impromptu flights and photo...

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Star Wars First Order AR Stormtrooper Robot

$299.99 from Amazon »

UBTECH's First Order Stormtrooper arrives trained (built-in AR features), armed (app-enabled), and ready for the Dark Lord's (that's you) commands. Aspiring Vaders can interact with the robot using voice commands, and...

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The Flying Martha Ornithopter

$42 from Haptic Lab »

The Flying Martha Ornithopter, while sounding both Wallenda and DaVinci in name, is no relation to either. Instead, the wind-up bird is named after a famous Martha. Martha the...no, Snoop Dogg, not you

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DJI Spark Gesture-Controlled Mini Drone

$499 - $699 from Amazon »

Try to give the Spark gesture-controlled mini drone a high five and DJI's latest and smallest will take off, leaving you hanging and dejected. And then as you lower your hand, or try to move your fingers all pretending...

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Kyosho RC Surfer

$237.87 from Amazon »

Can't catch a wave? Catch a break with the Kyosho RC Surfer 3. At 12.8" tall this remote controlled rider on his Lost board will try to make your time at the beach bitchin' even when the surf is too small to get out there...

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Vusion House Racer - FPV Indoor Racing Drone

$179.99 from RISE »

I like the idea the Vusion House Racer has in that gallery image of the little drone parked inside the refrigerator. Ready to fly out and greet my girlfriend when she opens the door. With the camera running and my FPV...

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PowerUp FPV - Paper Airplane VR Drone Kit

$139.99 from Amazon »

Lucky for us, PowerUp still hasn't gotten past the making paper airplanes stage of its life. The PowerUp FPV follows the company's original electric homemade paper airplane kit (charge it for 20 seconds, fly it for 30)...

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Taxidermy Animal Drones

When I first read about, but hadn't yet seen, Copter Company's taxidermy animal drones I though they just sounded kinda goofy. Then I got a look at the Orvillecopter here. A spread-eagle taxidermied quad-cat-ter flying...

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John Deere LionChief Steam Train Set

$314.21 - $336.96 from Amazon »

How would your kids feel if instead of another dumb first person shooter game you gave them a captivating and robust second person driver game for the holidays this year? Ungrateful and sulky? OK then, guess you'll just...

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Makeblock Codeybot

Sold Out from Amazon »

Codeybot brings some STEM education to kids whose eyes and fingers crave tablets and touch screens. The rolling robot will be their interactive buddy, their entertainer, or their solider in battle...as long as they program...

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DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Drone

$898 from Amazon »

DJI is sending a new Mavic to Top Gun and he's looking for a Gos. You in? The Mavic Pro is a folding drone powerful enough to fly at 40MPH for 25+ minutes and buzz the tower when permission is denied. Precise enough to...

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Parrot Disco Drone

$558.01 from Amazon »

The Parrot Disco. Sounds like something fabulous opening in Vegas this fall. Looks like a big, boring black-and-white drone. But what it lacks in physical flash, Parrot's new fixed-wing flyer promises to make up for in...

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RC Toyota Land Cruiser

$345.93 from Amazon »

"I wanted the challenging build and I have it. This is a kit and it is not for the impatient." Still want Tamiya's RC Toyota Land Cruiser? "I am an experienced builder and usually it takes about 5 hours to build a RC...

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Flytrex Sky Cloud-Connected Delivery Drone

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Internet of Drones has arrived. It will bring you endless exploratory joy. It will bring you the freedom to travel boundary-free. It will bring you...a Coke....

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Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

$148.99 from Amazon »

The Force Awakens...the gears in Sphero's capitalist brain. The company that brought us one of the first app-controlled animated toys (see Sphero OG and Sphero Ollie) has collaborated with the stirring Star Wars mania...

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Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

$96.99 from Amazon »

Air Hogs' Millennium Falcon Quad is recommended for ages 8 and up. Huh. I'm not sure if it makes me feel youthful or really uncomfortable that I'm sitting here right now coveting a toy made for an 8-year-old....

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Attacknids Combat Creatures

$49.99 - $119.95 from Amazon »

Combat Creatures' Attacknids are rugged, obstacle-crushing RC toys that also, true to their name, engage each other (or my neighbor's cat Willard) in combat. Models include the Stealth and Vanguard Stryders, which fire...

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iPhone-Controlled Insects

$39.95 from iHelicopters.net »

Unfortunately, these iPhone-controlled insects cannot fly or crawl up my friend Cornelius' leg and make him die while he's engaged in Advanced Warfare. On screen, obviously. Off screen he would just squeal like the lovechild...

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Sphero Ollie

$119.99 from Amazon »

Sphero says Ollie, its latest app-driven RC toy, can "launch over the competition at floor-warping speeds." In the world of Bluetooth connectivity and USB rechargeable power, that's about 14 mph. Hmmm. Five times slower...

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iOS Cobra iHelicopter with Missile Fire

$49.95 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Do you like RC toys? Do you like dinking around on your iPhone? Do you like pelting things, such as red Solo cup targets and sleeping housemates' heads, with plastic missiles? Do it all, and simulate the flight of a Cobra...

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9-1/2-Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

$499.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer »

The bald eagle. The symbol of American freedom soaring majestically through the air. It's magical. Stirring. Glorious. It's...uh, it's flying kind of low. It's--holy crap! It's about to T-bone that tree! Cornelius, you...

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T8X Robotic Spider

$499 - $749 from Robugtix »

I know. It's just a remote control spider, right? Fun for 5 minutes' worth of scaring Grandma, but otherwise unremarkable. And $499? Is that a joke?...

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Puzzlebox Orbit - Brain-Controlled Helicopter

$89 from Puzzlebox »

The power of the human mind. It inspires nothing less than awe and reverence. Even the minds of idiots, which often serve either as entertainment or pleasurable, self-elevating disbelief that someone could be dumb enough...

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B - The RC Hybrid Car-Helicopter

$604 - $768 from B Go Beyond »

I can't fit inside it. That's the primary downside to B, a patent-pending, remote-controlled car-helicopter hybrid capable of plowing along unfriendly terrain and then, when said terrain turns too rugged, lifting off...

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Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter

$173 from Seeed Studio »

Whether or not this nano quadcopter flies is entirely up to you. I mean up to your skillz. The Crazyflie is an open source DIY kit primed for development and hacking, but its assembly demands proficiency in soldering...

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Micro Butterfly RC Plane

While being on the receiving end of a buzzing, pesky winged bug's attentions can prompt minor fits of rage, I feel like if I could control the insect, and make it evoke these sentiments and actions from those who are...

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The NanoBlimp

Sold Out from Amazon »

Admittedly, when I think "dogfight", the next words that pop into my head aren't typically "helium balloons". However, I am learning to be more creatively minded. For example, I recently applied cream cheese to my all-beef...

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James Bond SkyFall Race Set

Sold Out from Amazon »

If I hadn't seen a bunch of toolbags standing in line outside a movie theater irrationally dressed up in tuxes and white suits on Saturday, I would have had no idea that they just released the next installment of movies...

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SpyHawk FPV Plane

$334.99 from SpyHawk »

Normally, I don't like the idea of a Big Brother entity invading citizens' privacy and monitoring their every move. But I can go for it on occasion. Like on the occasion that Big Brother is me. Like on the occasion that...

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App-Controlled Video Quadricopter

Sold Out from Amazon »

This App-Controlled Quadricopter is kind of like a high-def flight simulator, except when you crash and burn, the propellered apparatus you're flying gets destroyed in real life too. Meet the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, powered...

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Remote Control Superhero

$345 from RcSuperhero »

A life-size, remote control foam superhero probably isn't going to be much help if you're looking for someone to swoop in and save your kid from the schoolyard bullies next time they try to weave his body through the...

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Remote Control Millennium Falcon

Sold Out from Amazon »

Star Wars fans rejoice. Take your crack at flying the legendary ride of none other than Han Solo himself. The RC Millenium Falcon puts you behind the controls of the smuggler's ship. Although not armed with the laser...

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Remote Control Spaceman

$31.55 from Amazon »

"I'm a rocket man, burnin' out my fuse up here alone". Wait, this is battery operated, and radio controlled. What are batteries made out of? Manganese dioxide.... ok. That doesn't roll of the tongue quite as well. I always...

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Mario Kart RC Cars

Sold Out from Amazon »

These are fully operational replicas from the classic Mario Kart series on Nintendo and they're pretty damn awesome. Great gift for any Nintendo or Mario Kart fan. Best part, no blue shells to snatch defeat from the jaws...

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Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

$12.95 from Amazon »

Transform your crappy attempt at folding an air-worthy plane from a piece of paper into a wonder of technology only the 21st century can provide. Yes, now even the simplest form of transportation, the paper airplane has...

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Flying Shark Air Swimmers

$34.99 from Amazon »

This is a big ass shark that gets filled with helium so you can control who you'd like to kill with it. Check out the video after the jump for a better visualization of what I'm saying here. This thing looks pretty awesome...