Finger Cymbals

Posted: September 04, 2017
Finger Cymbals
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Finger cymbals are going to be the next big thing for football season, plus sports fans and concert goers in general. They're like a less obnoxious cowbell - the refined man's cowbell. And like a cowbell, finger cymbals still allow the refined man to "clap" and show appreciation for a great play and killer song without the hassle of setting down his beer or BBQ turkey drumstick.

Yep, that's right, finger cymbals and spectators. You heard it here first.

Really though, finger cymbals are most widely used by the performers themselves in belly dancing. Called "zills" from the Turkish word for "cymbals" the tiny tie-ons add percussion and keep rhythm for the dancers while you and I gaze on in between bites of lamb tagine and couscous. The pair of finger cymbals shown here have red string for affixing to your fingers, or your palms if you happen to be wearing tiny hands.

These finger cymbals also suggest they are great gifts for kids. Heh. I would modify that to "a great gift for someone else's kids."

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