Dancing Robot Speaker

By: on January 12, 2012

TOSY Robotics, a Vietnamese high-tech toys manufacturer, plans to make its portable speaker/dancing robot one-two punch available to all of us who aren't of the Justin Bieber persuasion this fall. mRobo holds about 500 of your favorite songs, and when the beat starts a-thumpin' from his chest, he starts a-bumpin' from the rest. Arms and legs unfurl, his head rises from his neck, and what can only be described as the Michael Jackson transformer Joe Jackson is KICKING himself (or rather, his wife, and perhaps that kid Blanket) for not thinking of, comes to life. The robot connects for downloads via USB, and, unlike you, gets his juice from batteries instead of Red Bull and Ecstasy. mRobo will also dance to music from other devices. Provided, of course, it isn't a JLo song, in which case instead of dancing, he will approach the human playing DJ, and begin repeatedly punching him or her in the face.