The Hobbit: Ring of Thorin Oakenshield

By: on December 30, 2012
  • The Hobbit: Ring of Thorin Oakenshield
  • The Hobbit: Ring of Thorin Oakenshield
  • The Hobbit: Ring of Thorin Oakenshield

Planning to ring in 2013 with a dissociative fugue wherein you assume the life of a JRR Tolkien character? Hey, me too! I'm going with Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain. I've already booked my ticket to New Zealand and plotted my takeover of The Hobbiton, and am hoping that once the psychiatric disorder sets in, and my true Thorin self emerges, I'll devise an equally masterful plan to locate and regain control of the Lonely Mountain. In the meantime, I need to pre-order this ring.

The Ring of Thorin Oakenshield, a heartstopping presentation of Dwarven jewel and metal handiwork, encases a blue sodalite stone within a sterling silver cage. For Thorin, it serves as a reminder of his loss of the Mountain, his home, a kingdom, and his pride. For me, it will serve as a reminder that I am an enormous--and enormously proud--geek. But I won't really have to make that publicly known because anyone who isn't a geek too will have no idea what the ring refers to, and just assume it identifies me as a man of impeccable taste who enjoys the finer things in life.

A natural Cherry timber box lined with burgundy velvet and engraved with logos for Weta and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey houses the ring, a collector's item that is currently still in production. Interested buyers may reserve theirs now by fighting valiantly during surprise Troll attacks and paying a small deposit to vendor Secret Compass.

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Underhill Home - Luxury Hobbit-Hole

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Now that the British Pound has taken its first real hit in recent memory, you might start thinking about buying up some real estate in England. This 4-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot home called Underhill is a steal at $917,000....

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Middle Earth Map Leggings

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Control Middle-earth--and likely all male Elves, Wizards, Orcs, Dragons, Dwarves, Ents, and Hobbits--for under $100. You don't even have to enter into battle or acquire Rings of Power. Leave it to Black Milk Clothing...

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Alpha Rebel KCUF Luxury Survival Bracelets

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Life testing your limits? KCUF it and expand them to 9' of 550-pound US Military paracord in seconds. The breaking strength can assist with anything from tying down your gear during a windstorm to tying up the bad guys...

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Coonan Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit


When I think of Coonan, I think first of .357 Magnums. But a close and immediate second is zombie and vampire slaying. And now I'm wondering if the firearms manufacturer and I have a psychic connection. I'm wondering...

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Montana Magica Lodge

$255 from Huilo-Huilo »

Hobbiton meets Harry Potter meets sustainable tourism. Montana Magica is a fantastical mossy lodge situated in a rainforest on the Chilean side of Patagonia, just under the Andes Mountains. It is one of several rental...

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The Tempus "Who's Buyin'?" Spin Coin

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Coin flipping is so Ancient Rome*. The Tempus offers a fresh spin on recruiting the fates to help us make decisions and settle arguments today. A spin that's more contemporary, more in line with our current obsession...

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Sword Keys

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It's dangerous to leave the house without a key! Take this set that will also serve as your sword and shield if the gangs...of ants...attack. The Key Armory stocks up fantasy and gaming fans' keychains with iconic swords...

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Eye of Sauron Fire Pit

$643.38 from Etsy »

I bet this fire pit knows some good ghost stories. What I didn't bet was that Sauron moved his Dark Tower to Canada, where he and his Evil Eye now mostly roast marshmallows and try to taunt Canadians into saying something...

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Lord of the Rings Sauron Armor Set


Antagonist. Necromancer. Lord of the Rings. SRG Armoury brings the darkness and malevolence of Tokien's Sauron to life in this custom-made Full Plate Armor Set. Constructed from 16 - 18 gauge mild steel, all suits are...

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Elf Ear Cuffs

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Ladies, if you're wondering what dudes will say when you enter the room wearing a pair of Alanya Divine's custom-made silver elf ear cuffs, the answer is, "Yes, please." You like them for their craftily shaped argentium...

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The One Ring Firepit

Sold Out from Etsy »

How do I plan to make it through the winter? Bohemian Alp Designs' Lord of the Rings One Ring firepit, many gallons of hot cider & whiskey, and a recording of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" warped to sound like Gollum is...

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Stargate Sterling Spinner Ring

$124.99 from ThinkGeek »

No, it's not a Stargate Spinner Ring because it was designed for spinners. Though if you meet an especially charming one, you can certainly give it to her, you ol' Daniel Jackson, you. It's a Stargate Spinner Ring because...