Spaceball One Model - Original Movie Prop

By: on July 02, 2013
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You know the opening scene in Spaceballs when they pan along that massive ship and you kind of start to wonder when a bomb or Jaws is gonna hit, but then the camera jumps to Rick Moranis in an oversized Darth Vader costume and that dude from Hill Street Blues instead? Well this ship here is that ship there. It's Spaceball One, the Mothership, and one of two original models used in the filming of Mel Brooks' Star Wars spoof. Ahhh, Spaceballs. A grand cinematic classic that also supplied me with my all-time favorite way to demand other people do things, walk by girls I did not call, disappear when laborious tasks are being assigned, and get drunk: Ludicrous Speed.

Missing no detail less the "We brake for nobody" sign, the featured 40" x 8" x 4" Spaceball One prop was used in tandem with a ginormous 17' version to depict the impossibly large ship, which allegedly houses a shopping mall, a zoo, and a three-ring circus, and takes about 1:43 to cross the screen in the above video. The smaller model appears in Spaceballs wide shots, where it appears way over yonder, or is shown blasting away from the camera.

Spaceball One Jr. materials include a styrene and resin base, with kit bashed model part details. It also contains fiber optic lighting throughout and lightbulbs in its back 3 engines. The top "vacuum cleaner" section of the model--used by Megamaid in the film--is detachable. The ship has a mounting notch on its underside, and comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity. For that price it better come with The Schwartz and give great helmet too.

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