Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Replica

By: on May 06, 2012
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With the purchase of the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap and Proton Backpack replicas, my psychologically warped transformation into circa 1984 Bill Murray is one step closer to complete. Now all that's left is the laser recreation of my hairline, jowl extension surgery, and kidnapping Sigourney Weaver. The Ghost Trap replica is an exact model of the supernatural slayer used in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II--right down to the interchangeable side power bars that effortlessly swap out between red and silver, as per the successive films. The spectacle that will give hardcore fans heart palpitations is pimped out with:

  • Two modes of operation, "prop" for display, and "interactive" for trapping and annihilating ghosts, and sticking it to cats that walk on the kitchen countertops.
  • Light and sound effects to mimic the sequence of ghost location and trapping--once a big bad has been apprehended, the trap will even vibrate with its presence convulsing and knocking around inside.
  • Functional trap door that opens and closes with a pedal activator.
  • A removable carrier for proper, environmentally-friendly demon disposal.

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Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Phone Case

$26.04 - $35.40 from Red Bubble »

I don't know. My phone acts possessed enough without a Ghostbusters ghost trap encasement. The last thing I need on top of frozen screens, 30-minute battery lives, and misfired text messages sent via my right butt cheek...

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Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Wall Hooks

Gotta hang that Venkman jacket somewhere. The Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Wall Hooks store your coats and, check out the GIF, contain your keys so they don't wreak havoc on your

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Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Replica

Sold Out from Etsy »

It's Friday the 13th. Do you feel the eeriness? The rumblings of misfortune and chaos? Look outside. Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Anything weird that don't look good? Well forget about the phone. There's...

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Fear the Reaper Inflatable Costume

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Ghost of Christmas Future heard you're being a Scrooge about dressing up, so he's coming early this year to spook you into the Halloween spirit. Also, he's tired of getting stuck with crappy homemade iced reindeer...

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30th Anniversary LEGO Ghostbusters

Can you believe that June 7th, 2014 will mark the 30th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters movie? Heady stuff. I feel sorry for myself that I was alive on that release date. But not as sorry as I feel for those of...

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DeLorean Time Machine Rental

Time Machine Rental.com will neither confirm nor deny the functionality of their DeLorean's flux capacitor, but they do make mention of animated interior interfaces and buttons and switches that light up like a Christmas...

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Life-Size Ghostbusters Slimer


What better to test out your Ghostbusters Proton Backpack and Ghost Trap replicas on than a Life-Size Slimer? The wall-mounted, ecto-green spectacle even thrusts forth in 3D, though thankfully a

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Burnt Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank

2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters' big screen release. Yeah, I know. I can't believe you're that old either. So obviously enterprising capitalists are making to capitalize on the Who ya gonna...

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Mr. Ghost Smartphone EMF Detector

$19.99 from ThinkGeek »

Do I believe in ghosts? Well, I believe something drank half of those empty Bud Light Lime bottles strewn across my living room floor because I couldn't have possibly blown through three 6-packs on my own. And before...

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USB-Powered Pac-Man Ghost Light

$31.96 from Amazon »

A Pac-Man Ghost wouldn't be my first choice for a night light. Isn't the whole point of a night light to ward off ghosts? Make you less afraid of them? Not to mention that Pac-Man Ghosts in particular have a decades-long...

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Candle

$28.59 from Firebox.com »

You've already lit the fire that melted Toht's face off. Now get ready to s'mores up the Ghostbusters' biggest bad guy. Set a match to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Candle at the top of his head, and watch him roast and...

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The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray

$14.35 from Amazon »

How many actors have not only become icons for multiple roles they've played but also for playing the role of themselves, and also for simply being themselves? And how many have continued working, remained coveted and...