Interactive Walking & Talking Einstein Robot

Posted: November 01, 2017
Interactive Walking & Talking Einstein Robot
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Hi! My name is (what?) My name is (who?) My name is...Al Einstein. Hey kids, it's the Slim Shady of your grandparents' generation. The amazing, groundbreaking genius Professor Einstein. He forever changed the world of rap.

Okay, not rap. Physics. He forever changed the world of physics. And although he's dead now, modern day technology - technology which Einstein surely contributed to in some way - has allowed him to return in robotic form to walk, and talk, and interact with you. To share his passion for science, and to offer up fun and educational brain teasers with increasing levels of difficulty.

The Professor Einstein Robot connects to to the cloud and listens, reacts, and responds to you ("you" being anyone over the age of 8) with the help of an iPad or Android tablet. He'll talk about science, play games, answer your questions, make iconic Einstein facial expressions, and let you do his hair all crazy to match them. The robot is built with 9 motors, 5 in his face alone.

Lil' Einstein's software includes voice-recognition technology and artificial intelligence. In addition to his 50 facial expressions and body gestures, he has a built-in body camera that allows him to se objects in front of him and motion sensors to detect edges where he's walking. With directional sound sensors he can also hear where you are in the room and turn his head to chat with you.

E=mc2 programming comes courtesy of a free Stein-O-Matic app. Robo-stein arrives preloaded with 20 brain games, video, learning modules, data cards, and quizzes. So if you're looking for a quirky science and math tutor for your kids, look no further. And if you're looking for a quirky gift for a geek, the Professor Einstein Robot has you covered there too.

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