Zombie Tarot Cards

By: on January 25, 2013
Zombie Tarot Cards
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I don't think it would be that hard to be a Zombie Tarot Card reader. Everyone's fate would be the same: death. I suppose you would have to get a little creative in describing the specifics of each poor sap's demise, but I'm sure some of the lunatic bloggers of the Internet could be of assistance in that endeavor. (Feel free to use the Dude Product Tips form to request a few choice nuggets from me.)

In the zombified universe of occult readings, tarot cards' wands become limbs and pentacles biohazard symbols. The Major Arcana? Chock full of shambling corpses. The deck includes 78 cards spanning from an elderly Queen of Swords holding a semiautomatic to a wee Face of Wands gnawing on a bloody bone from his highchair. Also accompanying the set is a 96-page full-color book explaining both how to forecast futures of pain and destruction using one of three different tarot card layouts, as well as tips for surviving the still-impending Zombie Apocalypse if you happen to get a client insistent on fighting his or her grim predictions.

The Zombie Tarot Card deck has received a highly positive response from Amazon reviewers, both those who appreciate their campy nature, and those who actually believe in this creepy WhoopiGoldbergfromGhost BS that makes me very uncomfortable, particularly when I draw a card like the Cups kid on the beach, who appears not only to be looking at me, but through me into the depths of my tarnished soul.