X-Ray Playing Cards

Posted: October 04, 2014
X-Ray Playing Cards
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The skulls on these X-ray playing cards show a transparent face to you, an opaque face to your opponents, and a sinister face to all. You'll be able to turn your friend Cornelius' mug into a sick-grinning, blood-red-brained King of Clubs through the X-Ray card's single-sided clear plastic, but he won't see your suits and values until you call and your hand wipes the floor with him. Or, as is more often the case, the other way around.

A halftone printing process is responsible for the X-ray deck's swell visuals. Each of its 54 inclusions have slightly varying skull images on each side, with the backs printed in black and the fronts blue. Face cards also have special colored highlights on their eyes, teeth, or brain. They don't glow in the dark or have sound effects, but...they would be way better if they did. The plastic X-ray cards maintain the weight and feel of standard playing cards.

X-ray playing cards are a top Dude Gift for Halloween pick.

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