What's That Smell? Party Game

Posted: December 20, 2018
What's That Smell? Party Game
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The What's That Smell? party game sounds - and probably smells - like a great way to get people not to come to your parties anymore. Well, at least 4 of the scent cards in the 48-smell deck, identified as STANK cards, will leave an unpleasant olfactory mark. And then you'll end up with guests who forevermore associate your house with Extra Old Toe Cheese or Diaper Blowout.

Hmmm, maybe I'll bring out What's That Smell? the next time my in-laws are over.

What's That Smell? comes with its mystery scent cards folded over to hide their name, and a scratch 'n' sniff-style wand that releases the smell. Players take turns guessing their scents, with the game's winner getting to choose a loser to "suffer the whiff of shame." That is, select another player to take 3 big inhales of one of the STANK cards.

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