Wembley Smacktastic Game

Posted: August 28, 2019
Wembley Fluffy Cream Smacktastic Game
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The Wembley Smacktastic Game is like Russian Roulette with whipped cream. Or shaving cream. Meringue. Chocolate Mousse. Bodily fluids. A take on the ever-popular pie-in-the-face games played at carnivals - well, at least the carnivals featured in movies like Grease - the Smacktastic Game is a tabletop base loaded up with stuff "designed to resemble a hodgepodge of kitchen utensils." Your favorite will come to be the blue spatula, which you'll lather up with your soft semi-solid of choice to kick off gameplay.

The Smacktastic Game requires players to take turns rolling dice, and then cranking the machine's side rolling pin handle that number of turns. At random, the spring-loaded spat will unhinge and take a big white Spat! in the player up's face. Fingers crossed it's always your stuck up Aunt Jan.

The Wembley Smacktastic Game brings fun to the whole fam damily, plus makes a great party game or gag gift.

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