Wall Scrabble

By: on November 14, 2014

Hey, it's Scrabble for the Jumbo Crosswords crowd. But $20 says more people will spell words wrong trying to maneuver their letters in supersized form. Seriously, the alphabet's way harder to manage when it's big (case in point here).

Wall Scrabble is a more tasteful, less expensive (but still over a grand expensive) version of the World's Largest Scrabble Board. The wood board's colors and graphics mimic those of the original 1949 edition of the game, but instead of gum pad scorecards Wall Scrabble incorporates an adjacent chalkboard to track all of my 300+-point dominations of my friend Cornelius. The fabric bag and letter tiles are obviously jumbo-fied too, and the setup includes a hanging space with hooks for storage. Strong magnets affix letter to the board.

Wall Scrabble dimensions are 80" wide x 3" deep x 59" high. It comes with hanging hardware.

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Breaking Bad Methopoly


Joanne Silverman loves meth. Just kidding. She loves Breaking Bad. I mean, I guess she might love meth too, but probably not because if she did it is unlikely she would have the wherewithal to conceive and create this...

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$17.90 from Amazon »

Cat-Opoly is a Monopoly for people who really, really, really like cats. And cat videos, cat memes, cat selfies, cat forums, cat Reddit threads.... Yes, it's basically Monopoly for crazy cat ladies (and crazier cat dudes)....

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The Walking Dead Monopoly

$68.68 from Amazon »

I don't know what you get when you pass Go--maybe another axe or Gator machete to add to your zombie defense arsenal--but I do know that when I play Monopoly: Walking Dead Survival Edition I'll have permanent dibs on...

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Monopoly

When The Force Awakens on the Monopoly board it's not about getting rich and hoarding real estate, it's about...uh...getting rich and hoarding planets. This newest edition of Star Wars' Monopoly takeover gives players...

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Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Monopoly

$29.99 from Amazon »

The Legend of Zelda Monopoly? Good luck rescuing the princess in this game that never ends. Trade American dollars for funny looking rainbow Canadian...uh, I mean Hyrulian currency and start hoarding your sculpted Deku...

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Scrabble Rug

$199.99 from SamTimer »

Although most of my anecdotes and personal claims to greatness are complete BS, I swear, what follows is a true story. Two true stories, actually. First, I am a formidable Scrabble player. Second, one time I dated a girl...

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Suspend - Abstract Jenga

$10.74 from Amazon »

If Jenga is Kermit, Suspend is Animal. If Jenga is Taylor Swift, Suspend is Bjork. If Jenga is an apple, Suspend is this apple. I think you get the drift. Suspend is a Jenga-like balancing game that takes the straightforward...

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The World's Largest Scrabble Board

Whoa, this is what Mario must have felt like in world 4 of Super Mario Bros. 3. Interestingly, people who suck at Scrabble always dismiss it as a game for geeks who like big words. And now it seems the creators of this...

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Nintendo Collector's Edition Monopoly

$69.90 from Amazon »

Nintendo Collector's Edition Monopoly means I get Zelda's Sword! And I plan to use it in a reign of terror against Mario's chump Mushroom and Pikman's brokedown Rocket. I imagine that wily Mario Star and Samus' Helmet...

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Edible Chocolate Scrabble Letters

Sold Out from Etsy »

Now when, at the height of an intense Scrabble match, you get stuck with both of the GD Zs, instead of driving yourself insane trying to remember if "ze" and "oz" are approved words, you can simply eat the offending letters...

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A Christmas Story Monopoly

$31.89 - $89.95 from Amazon »

When you're finished Monopoly-izing zombies in the Walking Dead version, I triple dog dare you to get into the holiday spirit with A Christmas Story's take on the beloved board game. Who wants to have a BB gun-off for...

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Back to the Future Encyclopedia

$24.99 from Amazon »

I figured some people would question my substitution of "encyclopedia" for "lexicon" in the above Back to the Future Encyclopedia title, which represents any McFly lover's dream publication, A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized...