The World's Largest Scrabble Board

Posted: February 01, 2012
The World's Largest Scrabble Board

Whoa, this is what Mario must have felt like in world 4 of Super Mario Bros. 3. Interestingly, people who suck at Scrabble always dismiss it as a game for geeks who like big words. And now it seems the creators of this giant Scrabble set have taken linguistic ineptitude a bit further with a literal interpretation of the stereotype. Thankfully, in the process, they have also made anagrammatical crossword sparring accessible to the legally blind, and people with fingers too fat to manipulate standard-sized Scrabble tiles.

At nearly five times the size of the pedestrian desktop model, the World's Largest Scrabble Board spans over 49 square feet. If you live in New York, you'll recognize that number as the size of your apartment. It is one of only nine sets handmade by mixed media artist John Kahn. The back board is carved from Russian birch plywood, 3/4" thick, and covered in the traditional purple background, which is then laminated with a galvanized steel sheet, and overlaid with a vinyl print of the playing surface. Included hardware attaches it to your wall in place of that awful mural of kittens lapping up spilled milk your wife wanted to hang. The set also comes with two birch tile racks, and 100 tiles. Tiles measure 4 3/8" square, and 3/8" thick, and are constructed of two pieces of birch plywood and a sandwiched magnet that adheres them to the board during play, and refrigerator when you chuck them across the room following defeat.

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