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By: on November 02, 2015
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You could call Tetris Link Tetris IRL. It's like old-school video game meets even-older-school board game. It's like Connect Four with better colors. It's like a puzzle and exercise in intellectual stamina for people who crack under pressure. Because even as you get better this Tetris will never speed up.

Tetris Link turns everyone's favorite 8-bit building blocks into tangible Tetriminos. Players drop I, J, L, O, S, T, and Z pieces into a transparent vertical grid, attempting to link 3 or more Tetriminos of the same color to earn points. Yes, it's a big deviation from video gameplay, but until we master vanishment, teleportation, or spontaneous combustion, off-screen Tetris can't really escape these types of modifications. In addition to earning points for links, players lose points for leaving empty spaces between their blocks. Once the grid is completely full the game ends and the point totaling begins. Nope, Tetris Link doesn't keep score or do math for you like the video game version either. On the upshot, it does work during power outages and won't run out of battery right when you're about to conquer Level 15 and break your own record.