Tesla vs. Edison Board Game

By: on November 20, 2015
  • Tesla vs. Edison Board Game
  • Tesla vs. Edison Board Game
  • Tesla vs. Edison Board Game
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It's the War of Currents! Tesla vs. Edison could be the board game of the holidays this year. Nikola Tesla might be more famous now than he was at the height of his living popularity thanks to to cars, coils, and lighters. And his rivalry with Edison already makes for some geektastic head-butting-inventors tales and LARPing events (I'll bring the AC, you bring the DC). Add a board, some cards, and a few friends fired up on the early days of the United States electric industry, and you've got everything from snow storms to New Year's Eve sorted out.

Tesla vs. Edison gives 2 to 5 players 20 minutes apiece to build routes, grow tech trees, and play the stock market. Each player starts out with an inventor, some shares of preferred stock, seed money, and a startup. From there the race is on to hire more talent, both technicians and business people, to help as you grow your business, capitalize on inventions, and change the world. Or just make a sh*t ton of money. And here's the catch: You can't just throw your idea up on Kickstarter and expect people to shower you in cash and write about / Share / Like you for free. You have to strategize and earn your dollars, and then be smart with them when they come in. You actually have to produce something. The 4 goals of Tesla vs. Edison are to: claim electric projects mapped out on the board; advance up a tech tree; invest in public relations to improve public opinion of your company; and buy / sell stock. Each inventor and supporting player card included in the game will have their own unique ratings and special abilities to help you on your way.