Square Off Chess Set - Play Remote or AI Opponents

Posted: November 13, 2018
Square Off Chess Set - Play Remote or AI Opponents

The Square Off Chess Set gives all the lone strategists out there the opportunity to play a real, tactile game of chess without a real, tactile opponent. The board game, having either teamed up with Ouija spirits, or gotten itself some advanced robotics and sensors, has the ability to move its own pieces. Automatically and, according to Square Off, "with pinpoint precision."

Single players can use the board to play any one of 23+ million global opponents online with Chess.com integration, or challenge a built-in Square Off AI (members of the spirit world?) programmed for 20 levels of difficulty, ranging from Complete Newbie (my dead Great Uncle Herb) to Grandmaster (Bobby Fischer). There's also the option to Square Off the old-fashioned way, with you and your friend Cornelius sitting across from each other, moving pieces and trash talking IRL.

The Square Off Chess Set also has an accompanying app that will help you review and analyze your games to improve play. The board itself is classic wood, with carved wood pieces. A rechargeable battery keeps the chess board "smart" for up to 30 games on a single charge.

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