Space Invaders Chess Set

By: on February 02, 2013

Following its 1978 release in Japan, Space Invaders prompted a shortage of 100-yen coins. I learned that at a pub trivia night. Pub trivia is maybe the only thing in the world I suck at as much as team sports and lighting matches. Anyway, Space Invaders was a revolutionary video game. One whose presence lingers, and whose reverence still runs strong over 30 years later. Check out the pixelated alien couch, the deck of playing cards, this guy's bathroom, and now, Tommy Hills' Kickstarter project: a laser cut acrylic Space Invaders chess set.

The NMI Laser team used an Epilog laser to slice each of their chess set's arcade character out of fluorescent acrylic sheets, the effects of which not only make for some cool playing visuals, but also stay true to the loud neon everything that is the contemporary Japanese entertainment industry. Space Invaders sprites snap into black bases to hold them upright and glide them along their laser cut and etched chess board. Bases also have markings indicating which chess piece each 8-bit interstellar traveler represents.

Purchase Space Invaders chess sets through Kickstarter until February 28, 2013 for $65. Or, if you just want the alien pieces for use on your own board, NMI Laser will tase and turn them over for $40.

November 2013 Update: According to Kickstarter, the Space Invaders chess set has become the subject of an intellectual property dispute. Project funding was put on hold.

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Batman Chess Set

Of course the Batman Chess Set costs nearly $800. The Dark Knight is a fancy superhero. The fanciest superhero of all, I would say. And check out how dashing he looks in fine pewter and diecast metal. Villains the Joker...

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Nixie Chessboard

$660.52 from Etsy »

Now here's a new spin on smart lighting. Lasermad says their stellar Nixie Chessboard is the first and only Nixie tube-powered chessboard in the whole world, and I believe it. Who has the creativity to even come up with...

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Kama Sutra Chess Pieces (NSFW)


And suddenly, the intense inaction and sporadic finger movements of chess captivate the masses and enamor even those who have no idea what the hell is going on. Erotic chess pieces abound in Etsy vendor Nicola Ford's...

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Pixel Panties

$27.50 from Pixel Panties »

When I saw these Pixel Panties I felt like I walked into a Super Mario Bros. mushroom. Drrring Drrring DRRRRRRING! From little Mario to big Mario in 1 second flat. In addition, the 8-bit underwear's Portuguese designers...

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Dragon Chess Set

$157 from Amazon »

Welp, judging by the bones fossilized in the platform uplifting this chess set's glass board, the biggest dragons have already been slain. Now all I gotta conquer are the baby fire breathers, and in all likelihood their...

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Bullet Chess Set

This ammunition inspired chess set is made using spent .223 bullet shell casings. One side uses steel casings and the other side uses brass casings. The kings and queens are the only 4 pieces with an actual bullet re-set...

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The King Must Die Hand Carved Chess Set

Obviously I like this chess set because most of its pieces appear to have leapt right out of my VHS cassette of Beetlejuice, one of the best 80s movies ever, as evidenced by the fact that I am saying so right now. I sure...

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The Lord of the Rings Chess Set

$495 from Amazon »

Every detail is authentic, richly realistic and true to the Academy Award winning epic film. The board is a magnificent work of art, detailing the story of Frodo, the reluctant hero of The Shire, and the friends and foes...

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Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set

$2,050 from Ferrari Store »

Sure, $2 grand is steep, but it's not like this is just a Ferrari carbon fiber chess set. Look, you can play checkers on it too. And check out the varnish on those red playing pieces. I can almost see my reflection in...

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USB-Powered Pac-Man Ghost Light

$37.26 from Amazon »

A Pac-Man Ghost wouldn't be my first choice for a night light. Isn't the whole point of a night light to ward off ghosts? Make you less afraid of them? Not to mention that Pac-Man Ghosts in particular have a decades-long...

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War of 1812 Chess Set

$4,200 from Etsy »

We can all appreciate the creative skill, labor, and craftsmanship Jim Arnold poured into his elaborate, entirely hand-carved War of 1812 Chess set. But those of you out there who actually know what the War of 1812 is...

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Tool Chess Set


Stereotypes collide in this brainy game meets brawny hardware Tool Chess set. Each piece has been handcrafted from real nuts and bolts, plus additional steel flourishes to distinguish powder coated black and white pawns...