Shocking & Biting Lie Detector Game

Posted: April 25, 2020
Shocking & Biting Lie Detector Game
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Now this may come as a shock to you, but I have never told a lie. Ouch! That just came as a shock to me. Hold on, let me turn this thing off. Now as I was saying, no matter the cost, I sink my teeth into the truth and...motherf-! The tiki monster just bit me! Damn. I must have just switched him from shocking to biting mode.

The Shocking Liar Lie Detector is a chilling bearer of truth, honesty, and accountability made for these times of deception, ignorance, and lies.

Just kidding. It's mostly a game for kids, and I don't know how the lie detection part of it could possibly work, but the Shocking Liar Lie Detector's shocking and biting functions are definitely real, and sound like they could contribute to a good time paired with some daiquiris and Rum Runners on a Saturday night.

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