Self-Propelled Wooden Roller Coaster

Posted: May 03, 2012
Self-Propelled Wooden Roller Coaster

All the fun of a classic, 1920s wooden roller coaster, without the whiplash and 62% chance that it will collapse or derail mid-ride! Designed by a roller coaster engineer and built by a carnie, this 1:48 scale model comprises 464 pieces of laser-cut birch, plus illuminating LEDs that wrap around its handrails and flash as brilliantly as bead-seekers at Mardi Gras. The self-propelled train and (strangely stiff-looking) passengers begin their ride when a rotating spring draws the them up the lift hill. Heading into their first downward dive, the cars draw enough potential energy to continue indefinitely under momentum alone, careening around the structure's 3 turns, and plunging down its 4 hills.

One upshot of paying nearly $700 for a wooden roller coaster we can ride only with our eyes is that it arrives fully assembled. And anyone who would like it to stay assembled is advised to restrict its use to those aged 14 and over. Dimensions are 46" long x 22" wide x 18" high, and weight is 30 pounds. The wooden joyride's LED operation requires 10 AA batteries. Wow, that's a lot of batteries.

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