Portable Skee Ball

By: on March 22, 2014
  • Portable Skee Ball
  • Portable Skee Ball

Here's a fun accident waiting to happen. Sorry about Grandma's porcelain ash urn, Mama! It's so hard to find Skee Ball machines outside of Chuck E Cheese's anymore. I guess they don't have the same bar-game allure as pool and darts. Seems like they'd also be kind of heavy to move for cleaning when drunkards puke or take a leak behind them.

But now we can replicate the concentric ring and miniature bowling ball fun at home with this portable Skee Ball set! Admittedly, it's not as entrancing as the real thing--no lights, no sound effects, no automatic ball return, no unchecked spewing of tickets when I hit the 100 four times in a row. In fact, the portable version keeps it old school and doesn't include the 100 basket at all. However, its Skee Ball basics and sentiment are still there for those tired of playing bocce ball and Jarts at every backyard BBQ and summer party they attend.

The foldable, stowable set is made of pine wood and includes an integrated ramp as the final obstacle to mad point accrual. Set up a Skee Ball game on any flat surface, indoors or out, and take your chances rolling 6 white balls for single scores and one red ball for a double score. Box measurements are 35" long x 21" wide x 16-1/2" high when set up, and 21" long x 21" wide x 3" deep when folded.

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Zombie Head Bowling Balls

Zombies really have taken over the world, huh? Or at least the free market economy. The clever German capitalists who designed this introduction of the omnipresent living dead to the bowling alley made a good move though....

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Arcade Sofa

By: Harow »

1991 brought Street Fighter II. 2017 brings the Street Fighter II Arcade Sofa. Relive your 90s glory playing the game...and then maybe get a different type of game on...on it....

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The PuttSkee - Skee Ball Golf

Sold Out from Amazon »

And the PuttSkee skee ball-golf hybrid even folds up into an oversized luggage / encyclopedia salesman-style rolling crate so you can hold tournaments next to the keg on Fridays at the office, turn it into a drinking...

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King of the Ring Fitness Arcade Game

Nexersys calls their King of the Ring arcade game a "virtual fighting ring" but one look at all those full-contact pads and the surrounding cage and I am 95% sure that I would sustain non-virtual injuries while using...

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Tiny Arcade Machines

$59.95 from Amazon »

Tiny Arcade retro cabinets aren't just small enough to play from your desktop, they're small enough to play from the palm of your hand. If you have tiny hands. And the delicate, dextrous fingers of a child prodigy harpist....

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Contropiede Transparent Foosball Table

$16,100 from YLiving »

I wonder if the Contropiede Foosball Table's removal of color and opacity will make it easier or harder to keep my eye on the ball. (So I don't screw the game up for all the other kids who are trying to develop their...

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Pac-Man Suit

Sold Out from Amazon »

All the Ms. Pacs out there will melt in your arms when they get a look at your new arcade on a suit. OppoSuits, known for their quirky twists on classic menswear, has put Pac-Man to fabric and sewn him into a 3-piece....

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Inflatable Human Foosball Table

$3,995 from EZ Inflatables »

The little plastic men make it look so easy. I'm not sure how much demand there could be out there for an inflatable human foosball arena, but if that's what bounces your house, EZ Inflatables is all set to blow up your...

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Light-up Arcade Belt Buckles

$42 - $125 from Etsy »

All the sweet one-liners about paying to play, just a quarter for some action, and getting the high score you're thinking of right now? Get your mind above...well, not above the belt exactly. But above the area below...

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Mattel Classic Football Game Keychain

$11.99 from Perpetual Kid »

Mattel's handheld Classic Football gets sized for even smaller hands in this mini version of the iconic 70s game. Calling it a "keychain" is a bit of a stretch - unless you like stuffing keychains the size of Little Debbie...

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Classic Arcade Wristwatch

$49.99 from ThinkGeek »

Did you ever know a kid growing up who had, like, full-size Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat arcade games in his basement? You know, the "rich kid"? Boys would go over en masse for tournaments after school and his mom would...

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Arcade & PC Coffee Tables

$3,065 - $6,131 from Surface Tension »

Previously we witnessed the introduction of fine craftsman furniture to the old school Nintendo controller. Now we see tastefully worked walnut and oak incorporated into full-on coffee table arcades and PCs. Surface Tension...