Lightning Reaction Reloaded - A Shocking Game

By: on December 04, 2013
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Well I hope the Reloaded version of Lightning Reaction doesn't follow in the footsteps of The Matrix and suck. Or maybe it's being cheeky and willingly emulating the trilogy's second installment--in the sense that while the original Lightning Reaction was unique and exhilarating, Lightning Reaction Reloaded is just plain painful. In any case, sending a defibrillating jolt of electricity through Grandma because she's got the slowest reaction time sounds like a grand cap off to Christmas with the fam. Maybe it will even put some pep back into her step. That wind-up granny can't beat you across the room now, can she, Nana?

Lightning Reaction Reloaded ups the ante from its previous editions with the installation of a variable shock wheel. Now players can adjust the intensity of their electrocution from levels as low as biting into a York Peppermint Patty in the dark to as high as sticking your finger in an outlet because some a-hole enticed you by covering it with an adorable sticker of a puppy dog or dude in a fu manchu. Or something in that general range. Lightning Reaction Reloaded's shock potential is at least high enough that the game is not recommended for anyone under the age of 14.

Lightning Reaction Reloaded accommodates from 2 to 4 people, and gameplay is simple. As each player holds a handle, someone presses the base's center button to activate a flashing red light and suspenseful music. (Gah! I hate suspenseful music! It Fs me over every time!) When the red light turns green, all players must press the red triggers on to of their handles. The last to do so gets shocked.

Anyone who false starts will also receive a shock, Cornelius, so don't think you can just sit there pressing the button over and over again in rapid succession like you do when you're having alone time.

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