Hog Wild Ball Poppers

Posted: December 20, 2015
Hog Wild Ball Poppers
$8 - $17.99
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In theory, Hog Wild's Ball Poppers are last-minute stocking stuffers for the kids. In practice, they'll probably be the most fun the adults have all Christmas Day. Available in a dozen or so different pot-bellied animals, the Poppers launch soft foam balls up to 20' with a solid squeeze of their mid-section. All are air (a brute human force) powered and the projectiles are safe for both outdoor and indoor use.

Hog Wild transformations from animal to Popper kingdom include the festive Santa Pig, Rudolph, an elf, and a snowman, plus year-round favorites ranging from cats and bears and sharks to sock monkeys and mythical one-eyed beasts.

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