Heat-Sensitive Chromia Skin Ultimate Guard Deck Box

Posted: July 29, 2018
Heat-Sensitive Chromia Skin Ultimate Guard Deck Box
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This SideWinder Deck Box's Chromia Skin cover doesn't just add some visual and tactile fun to the holder and protector of your Magic: The Gathering, or other collectible card game, cards. The heat-sensitive skin's color-changing effect can also serve as an informant, indicating whether or not some nefarious-fingered friend Cornelius got to messing with your deck when you went for a pee break.

The Chromia Skin Deck Box responds to any sort of heat, so it will also change color in direct sunlight, but hand and kiss marks will likely be the most common imprints it sees. Ultimate Guard's SideWinder series holds up to 80 double-sleeved or 100+ single-sleeved standard cards. It has a 4-magnet closure.

The SideWinder Deck Box shown here is Chromia Skin Red; it also comes in color-changing Black, Blue, Yellow, and Petrol Blue.

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