Giant Steel Velociraptor Puzzle

By: on December 17, 2012
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It's paleontology, puzzle-solving, and ridiculously rad lawn ornament all rolled into one plasma cut steel assembly kit. This giant velociraptor skeleton arrives as 44, 11-gauge, 1/8" steel pieces begging to be the centerpiece of the next family game night, and then proudly displayed prowling through the grasses or ascending from the 3 feet of snow accumulated in the front yard. Completed steel dinos measure a formidable 25" tall x 20" wide x 37" long from nose to tail.

Creator Lethal Fabrication plasma cuts each of the kit's pieces, and then lightly grinds and finishes them with a coat of oil so they ship smooth and semi-polished without losing their industrial feel. Outdoor installation of the velociraptor will allow it to mature slowly and develop a rusted, rustic look. Alternatively, applying a clear coat once the puzzle is complete will maintain its metallic sheen. Assembly instructions are included, as are tips for positioning the dinosaur as a lawn ornament guaranteed to scare away pigeons, stray cats, and auditors from the IRS.

For an additional fee, Lethal Fabrication can customize the velociraptor's arms to serve as a business card or signage holder. Local (Tampa, FL) buyers may also request their dino bones be pre-welded and painted, and then pick them up from the shop to bypass shipping prices. Finally, followers of the more is more movement can request a puzzle cut from higher gauge steel to create an even larger finished sculpture, all they way up to 6 feet in height. Parents, imagine how euphoric your kids would be if they walked downstairs on some Christmas or birthday or Presidents' Day morning and saw a 6-foot steel velociraptor skeleton awaiting them. No, seriously, imagine it. It would be the best moment of their 6 to 35 years on the planet thus far. It would make them love you way more than they do now. It might even make them like you. Really, if you don't get one of these puzzles for your kids, you're pretty much failing as a parent. You should just let the neighbors with fertility issues step in and show your children the true meaning of love. Which is giant dinosaur-themed presents. I would like to dedicate this writeup to my mom.

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T-Rex Hatching Dinosaur Egg Candle

$45 from Amazon »

Good things, such as baby T-Rex dinosaur desktop toys, come to those who wait. Who wait, and who burn. Light the wick on this egg-shaped candle from The Creative Desk and experience the joy of hatching a new baby 65-million-year-old...

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Gallium - Melts-in-Your-Hand Metal

$10.63 from Amazon »

The chemical element Gallium does not exist in pure form in nature, but since it's so magical and badass looking all solid-to-liquid-at-the-touch-of-a-human-hand and all, of course man figured out a way to extract it...

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Hellraiser Lament Configuration Puzzle Box

$179.97 from Amazon »

Welp, here's one puzzle box I don't want to solve. I don't care what I could stash inside Hellraiser's Lament Configuration, I don't care if it's just a prop replica taken from an allegedly fictitious horror flick, and...

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Meteorite & Dinosaur Bone Rings

$387 - $1,749 from Etsy »

If your special someone is really that special, you won't just give them a ring, you'll give them a ring from a bazillion years ago! A ring that symbolizes how grand, vast, and enduring your love is. A ring that proves...

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Boob Cube

$9.50 from Amazon »

The Boob Cube is for idiots. And for geniuses. And for idiots who want to convince people they're really geniuses. And for geniuses you want to make feel like idiots. So, yeah, pretty much an ideal gift for any person...

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LightBox Puzzle

The LightBox, in a new twist on physical brainteasers and cliched expressions, is designed such that seeing the light means you have not solved the puzzle....

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Gomboc - The World's Only Self-Righting Object

$499.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer »

The geometric Gomboc's shape supposedly mimics that of a radiated tortoise shell, and its movement that of the animal's when it rights itself without the use of its limbs. Now if that's the case, my question is: why would...

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Inflatable Dinosaur Costume


Giddyup, T-Rex! While I'm not so sure about the proportions of this inflatable dinosaur costume, what it lacks in mathematical accuracy it definitely makes up for in costume originality. Now riding into your Halloween...

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Tungsten Sphere

$249 from Amazon »

I'd call the Tungsten Sphere a desktop toy, but given its high density--at just about 2" in diameter the sphere weighs over 3 pounds--I'm not sure how much fiddling or stress-relieving palm rolls you'll be able to do...

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Life-Size Baby T-Rex Costume


Sometimes babies are born with disproportionately large body parts, which they subsequently grow into. Like dog paws and human eyes. No such luck for the baby T-Rex. Looks as if those little guys are stuck with midget...

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Feel Flux Anti-Gravity Toy

$49 - $89 from Feel Flux »

Flux is metal and magnets, geometry and physics. Flux is for ye who fidget and ye who do tricks. Flux is a bringer of zen relaxation, party conversation, and experimental demonstration. Flux is a physics-based toy made...

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Rhei Liquid Display Clock

By: Rhei »

First thing's first: if you want to see what's so special about Rhei, fast forward to 1:50 in the above video to bypass the dramatic buildup and jump straight to the action flow....