Everbright Giant Lite-Brite

By: on September 05, 2015
$14k - $25k
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Everbright is a hujungous Lite-Brite for hardworking adults that not too many hardworking adults can afford. But. Our companies might be able to spring for them. Intended as an office installation to promote creativity and give brains a break from the grind of docs and spreadsheets and conference calls, Everbright is a next generation light box whose (non-removable) discs turn like dials to any color of the rainbow. Tinkerers can make artfully abstract patterns, design a new emoji, or see if Everbrighting their butt is as easy and gratifying as photocopying it used to be.

Everbright model Giant measures 46" tall x 93" long x 5" deep and contains 464 color dials, plus 3 "mesmerizing" animations. Users turn the dials on and off, as well through the entire visible spectrum to achieve their precise dot-by-dot choice of color for disc on the wall. The electric installation deems itself a terrific pastime, reward, and stimulator both for individuals and groups of people to use together at the office, on campus, or in the restaurant vestibule during a 2-hour wait for a table. Everbright says it will help:

  • Solve hard problems faster by giving tired brains a break and refreshing them with an exploration of the unconscious mind.
  • Embolden a team and show them your appreciation with a fun and engaging tactical and visual experience.
  • Be your ice breaker at cocktail parties and happy hours, allowing people to stand side-by-side, twisting their personal glow discs and striking up non-forced conversations.
  • Replace motivational speeches with physical engagement.
  • Add productivity to break time with an naturally engaging and creative environment.
  • Engage people right out of the box since Everbright uses all three scientifically-proven elements needed for it: autonomy; relatedness; and competence.

For factoid lovers, Everbright Giant is 42 times bigger than the Lite-Brite you used as a kid. The company also makes a Mini version that stands 46" tall, 46" long, and 5" deep, and contains 232 color dials.

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Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight

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Let's not split hairs over whether or not the Bullet 02 is really the World's Smallest LED Flashlight, when we could have a much more insightful discussion about how the barely-an-inch-long illuminator is waterproof...

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THEC64 Mini

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THEC64 Mini puts tech-nostalgia in the palm of your hand. Who was around when the Commodore 64 launched in 1982? Playing some Lode Runner after school with some Shark Bite fruit snacks and a Capri Sun? Ahhh, gone are...

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Iron Samurai Blue LED Watch

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As if the opportunity to wear a segmented steel LED-lit wristband that might make people wonder if you're under house arrest isn't reason enough to complete this purchase, the fact that the Iron Samurai also possesses...

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LightBox Puzzle

The LightBox, in a new twist on physical brainteasers and cliched expressions, is designed such that seeing the light means you have not solved the puzzle....

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Elbow Cassette Tape Player

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Elbow recently completed a market test survey on their low-tech, ultra-portable concept that will revolutionize the way you play...uh...mix tapes. A clip-on arm with a pulley system, the Elbow cassette tape player spools...

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Euler's Disk of Infinite Spin & Sound

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I'm not saying the Euler's Disk isn't fascinating and rad and a commendable utilization of the laws of physics, but watching and listening to it creates a great deal of anxiety in my heart. It's like the foreboding music...

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LED Eyelashes

These are aptly named. An ingenious piece of technology wrought from Asian women's desire to have larger eyes, these seem more fit for the drug-and-urine-splattered concrete floor of the next rave in Omaha, Nebraska....

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Luminoodle LED TV Backlight

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If you've been using your noodle you've probably learned how valuable a bendy rope of lights can be. And now your flexible, adaptable, bright-burning noodle has a new form with yet another application: TV backlighting....

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Retro Thick Brick Cell Phone

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I smell a gift for the grad comin' in hot! Giving an LBER KR999 classic thick brick cell phone to young whippersnappers is like giving them a piece of history to take with them into the future. It's a reminder of where...

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FLASHr iPhone Notification Case


FLASHr debuts on Kickstarter as New Orleans boys Trey DeArk and Terence Green's slick reappropriation of the iPhone's built-in LED camera flash and iOS' "LED Flash Alerts". A 3-part, multi-colored case, FLASHr intertwines...

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Lamp Plants

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Where the Red Fern Glows...you'll find Mariana Folberg's Lamp Plants. The artist behind Mar de Fe designs took inspiration from the rain forest to construct a thriving pot of green-lit leaves. Add one of the lamps to...

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Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow


The dude in your office who always says to Ping me, brah! when that copy's done. When you're getting coffee? When it's time for Friday Feats of Strength in the conference room? Oh, it's time to ping him, brah!...