Dragon Chess Set

By: on February 26, 2015
  • Dragon Chess Set
  • Dragon Chess Set
  • Dragon Chess Set
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Welp, judging by the bones fossilized in the platform uplifting this chess set's glass board, the biggest dragons have already been slain. Now all I gotta conquer are the baby fire breathers, and in all likelihood their every move will be dictated by the feeble mind of my friend Cornelius, so whatever ruler is going to give me his fine and nubile daughter as a reward for taking out the beasts threatening his kingdom might as well just hand her over now.

Oh, she's available only as a 1.7" tall chess piece? Huh.

That's OK, I'll still take her.

For the Targaryens (plus the pre-Game of Thrones dragon lovers) in the house, this 3D Dragon Pewter Chess Set is described as "an ode to the power, majesty, and fear associated with the long mythical history of dragons and fire." The board sits atop a detailed resin base embedded with the remains of ancient dragon warriors. Pieces on the playfield are all made of pewter and finished in either gold or silver. Dragon kings measure 2" tall.