Dick Match Party Game

Posted: January 25, 2019
Dick Match Party Game

By party game, Dick Match must mean bachelorette party game. Because the last thing I want to see when I walk into a Saturday night dinner party at my wife's co-worker's house that I only agreed to go to because she said they'd be serving at least 3 different types of meat and top shelf booze is Concentration cards of dick pics. Honestly, I don't think I'd even want to play a party game called Boobie Match because I can see all the boobies I want on the internet and under my wife's shirt without having to bend my brain in half figure out which 2 sets are exactly alike, and where I saw them before.

Not surprisingly, Dick Match was created by the same people who made Drunk Stoned or Stupid and, yes, the 48 cards included in the set contain images of 24 real penises players will try to commit to memory and pair up with their twin during gameplay. The winner of Dick Match is the person who successfully imprints the most penises in his or her head.

Thereby earning the title of Biggest Dickhead.

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