Crabs Adjust Humidity Omniclaw Edition

By: on October 28, 2016
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If Cards Against Humanity was the original Cards Against Humanity, then Crabs Adjust Humidity was the original Cards Against Humanity knockoff. Sorry, unofficial expansion. At least they're the first I remember seeing. And have been around long enough that they themselves have added 4 more expansions to their expansion. The Crabs Adjust Humidity Omniclaw Edition includes all 5 volumes of black and white cards the OG Imposters created to supplement the best worst party game ever made.

Omniclaw purchasers will receive 400 white cards and 160 black cards, for a total of 560 crabs adjusting the humidity of the room as you sweat breaking the news of them to your girlfriend. All cards are printed on linen-finish, casino-quality paper and are 100% compatible with your existing Cards Against Humanity sets.

Some Crabs Adjust Humidity black card examples:

  • "Ever since 'the incident' every time I close my eyes I still see ____.
  • "In Valhalla it is said that all brave warriors are given ____.
  • "What exactly is up my ass?
  • And the white fill-ins that could work for any of them:

  • "A nugget of poo roughly the size and shape of a crouton."
  • "A literal shaved beaver."
  • "Rainbow cumdrops."
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