Copter Darts

Posted: July 09, 2014
Copter Darts
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It always sucks when someone's kid gets inadvertently staked in the head playing Jarts. Even when it's kind of funny because it makes you think of that one Steve Martin standup routine...it's not really that funny because there's a lot of screaming and blood and EMT activity and it usually means the game is over. That's why Copter Darts are a better alternative for chilluns who want to play lawn games like their mamas and pops.

Copter Darts deem themselves 100% of the fun of traditional lawn darts with 0% of the danger. Well. I don't know about that. Ever since I choked on my own saliva while meditating I've believed that any activity, no matter how seemingly innocuous, can be dangerous. But I'll grant that Copter Darts have at least removed the primary dart chucking hazard of impalement from their winged implements. These darts are made of soft foam and have been designed to fly with aero-spin action. They're floaters instead of, well, darters, and they always land head down and stand straight up.

Copter Darts are a top Dude Gift for a Kid pick.

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