code:deck Playing Cards

Posted: February 25, 2014
code:deck Playing Cards
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Who wants some undiluted geekery? code:deck is a standard set of playing cards individually described by rank and suit in one of 13 different programming languages. As maker Varianto:25 points out, the cards should arouse the left brains of programmers, QAs, and IT students. And, I would add, any who are just proud to spend most of their days speaking languages that will never get them laid.

Varianto:25 tried to include a broad selection of programming languages in code:deck, "from generally acknowledged staples and utility languages in software development to newer alternatives and weird curiosities." In other words, they run the gamut from HTML to Brainfuck. Languages have been divvied between each rank of card as follows:

  • 2: Assembly
  • 3: Bash
  • 4: C++
  • 5: Brainfuck
  • 6: Python
  • 7: Objective-C
  • 8: C#
  • 9: JAVA
  • 10: PHP
  • J: JavaScript
  • Q: CSS
  • K: HTML
  • A: SQL

Samples of all of the languages laid out on a code:deck card can be viewed on the Varianto:25 Website FAQ section.

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