AirZooka Air Blaster

Posted: September 16, 2015
Airzooka Air Blaster
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Time to start getting all your tricks in a row for Halloween. The AirZooka isn't specifically for Halloween, but it is a nice, harmless way to mess with kids, girlfriends, and co-workers that won't leave a mark, or any evidence at all that you've killed their jack-o-lanterns' glow, messed up their hair, or scattered all the neatly stacked papers on their desks. You'll be as stealth as the wind. Or a creepy stalker with the lung capacity of a leaf blower. And that's just the prank end of things. On the costume side, you could be a Breath of Fresh Air, a Blow Hard, the Guy Who Really Blows. Or a Creepy Stalker with the Lung Capacity of a Leaf Blower. Every haunted house needs one of those.

AirZooka is essentially a large hollow bucket fitted with a loose piece of plastic and an elastic "air launcher" cord. Pull the cord back to draw the plastic taut, and then release it to propel forth a big ol' concentrated ball of air. The blaster also has a flip-up sight for improved accuracy. It comes in 5 colors, all black light reactive and ready for games of Air Tag and Stacked Red Solo Cup Demolition day or night. No batteries required.

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