4M Water Rocket Kit

By: on August 09, 2015
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I was as surprised as the people in this video (FF to 0:45) at how well the 4M Rocket lives up to its claims of blasting over 30 feet in the air. I didn't yelp like the lady filming but I did laugh at her and, as a result, dribbled some coffee on my shirt.

From 4M Products comes this kid-friendly and grownup-worthy backyard Water Rocket Kit. Builders Jr. and Sr. alike learn the physics and mechanics of rocket construction, with the sweet payoff of bubbling up, building pressure, and blasting off in a spray of H2smOke. The 4M kit includes all required parts and instructions for assembly, less the pump. (Even though one area of the Water Rocket listing says a pump is included, you'll need to supply your own. Any bicycle pump should do.)

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The Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher

$398.95 from XProducts »

Big & Rich recommend ladies save a horse, ride a cowboy, and the Can Cannon recommends cowboys save a bullet, fire a shook-up sodie can....

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RPG-7 Bottle Launcher


Why is it that the toys you or I make with our buddies from scrap lengths of pipe and sheet metal the year we take high school physics always end up as legitimate, purchasable commodities developed and manufactured by...

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Rocket Ship Potato Masher

$17 from OTOTO »

Might be a while before we can take a rocket ship to mars, so in the meantime, let's take a rocket ship to...mashed potatoes!...

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The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

$38 - $145 from PopChartLab.com »

We've come a long way since 1959. Pop Chart Lab's stellar Chart of Cosmic Exploration takes us through the history of man's, and man-made machines', adventures in space. The poster lays out the solar system across the...

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Lunar Genuine Moon Rock Watch

$27,500 from Analog Watch Co. »

Analog Watch Co.'s new Lunar Watch might be kinda pricey, but how many timepieces can say that they're made of a solid piece of genuine moon rock estimated to be older than: the human construct of time; humans themselves;...

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Russian Space Food

$58.99 from Amazon »

Tubes of Russian Space Food. Hmmm, those don't look suspicious at all. You know, it's not really a question of how much you're willing to pay for the chance to eat 3 authentic cosmonaut meals, but of whether or not your...

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Aquapod Bottle Launcher

$52.95 from Amazon »

Who wants to try the Aquapod bottle launcher in their backyard? It shoots water-filled 2L sodie bottles up to 100 feet in the air with the assistance of nothing but its dock, a bike pump, and your foot. Got a beef with...

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Bottle Rocket Lawn Darts

$24 from ideacious »

Have proper lawn darts impaled enough toddlers and chihuahuas that they've been outlawed? Is it Mother Necessity who popped out these dart-bottle rocket hybrids, or did ideacious founder and industrial designer, Joshua...

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Salt & Pepper Rocket Mill

$96.62 from Amazon »

Would you like some freshly blasted pepper on your salad? A little salt to take your soup from tasty to out of this world?...

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Apollo MA-1 Flight Jacket

Sold Out from Amazon »

To my friend Cornelius, who failed to grow up to be an astronaut, awww, better luck next life dude. Cheer up, though. Thanks to the marvels of modern consumerism and mass production, you can have an authentic-looking...

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Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer

$49 - $100 from Amazon »

Oh holy arachnid! I'm not going to need a set of Samurai sword kitchen knives to exact retribution on that SOB onion, I'm going to need them to save myself from the Alessi Juicy Salif citrus-squeezing alien! And by "citrus-squeezing"...

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Ray Gun Rocket Mug

Sold Out from Amazon »

Cataclysmic events, such as earthquakes and alien attacks, always seem to go down when I'm relaxing with the morning paper, drinking a cup of coffee. So being the industrial, perpetually prepared fellow that I am, I have...