Zombie Stopper Gun Blade

Posted: June 09, 2012
Zombie Stopper Gun Blade

Male-female color coordination and style may not be Top 5 on the list of requisites for zombie slaying offensives, but side-by-side pink & black and yellow & black Zombie Stopper Gun Blades should look pretty sweet at Comic-Con next month. The aluminum blades don't hold a sharp edge, so they're probably (you just never know with human creativity these days) safe for convention use. Guns themselves stem from spring soft pistols whose top cocking slide was sheathed in metal to give the plastic skeleton a more substantial feel. Virility left intact, they will fire 6mm BBs 100 to 135 feet, which may not provide much assistance in zombie annihilation, but pelleting someone at close range will still sting like a mother, and possibly shoot your eye out. For that reason, the gun blades should not be used by or on children. However, even when fired unloaded, the airsofts make a satisfyingly disruptive pop! convenient for zombie slaying training expeditions and getting soccer moms in a huff.

All Zombie Stopper Gun Blades--pink & black checked, and pink & black and yellow & black striped versions--are handmade, so no two will be exactly the same. Each is a separate listing in creator Neil Taylor's Etsy shop.

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